Sunday, June 26

Happy Birthday Jackson Paul

(A couple of days late... His birthday was Friday, June 24!)

Oh my little Jack Jack, happy birthday!

Every single person you ever meet, even strangers in the store, always comment on how smile-y of a baby you are! You never fail to give a huge, toothy grin on anyone who gives you a smile first, and you melt hearts! You were also known as the giver of baby fever for awhile; anyone who held you told me that you made them want another precious baby of their own! I think it was a combination of your smile, long eyelashes, and delicious chubby legs.

Your favorite games right now are knocking over block towers, tearing papers into tiny shreds, rolling cars around saying, "Ptthhhhh," and crawling into Finley's crate. You are also completely obsessed with electrical cords and outlets! Whenever we bring out the vacuum cleaner or opens the door to go outside, you turn on your "turbo crawl" and make a very excited shrieking sound!

You are walking but only when we coax you too, I think at this point you know you're much faster in a crawl and you're all about speed and efficiency (starting with my labor and your birth!). You love crawling up the staircase and are pretty quick about it, I'm so happy that you realize how to go down safely now but of course I don't let you near it without me!

Every morning when we go into Luke's room together to get him out of his crib, you practically dive out of my arms and into his crib, you love cuddling with him and bouncing together on his mattress. I think your world revolves around your admiration for your big sister and big brother (and nursing, of course), and I love watching all three of you play nicely together! But occasionally big brother will steal a toy away from you and you howl so loudly! You're definitely starting to realize that you can play independently and prefer not to be interrupted!

You eat so much, nurse all throughout the day, sleep pretty well at night (although we wish you'd sleep beyond 6am!), and nap twice a day still. You love bath time, riding on Mommy's back in my sling, and cruising around "trolling" for things to pick up off the floor to eat. It's gross, but I figure you're building your immune system.:-)

For your first birthday, we stayed home.  After breakfast your sister and brother played with you by building block towers for you to knock over, which you thought was very funny.  Mommy had to leave to go help another Mommy in labor, so Daddy came home and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon playing fun games with you and Beth and Luke.  In the afternoon, Mommy came back and we played outside before enjoying a yummy lasagna dinner, presents, and your very first chocolate cupcake.  

You loved the cupcake!  For birthday presents, Mommy and Daddy bought you some shoes, a Leapfrog Caterpillar toy, and we made your bedroom pretty.  We decided that since you'll probably be sleeping in your own room for a couple of years that you should have more than just the extra random furniture pieces laying around the house, and now you have an Americana/Nautical boyish room.  It's perfectly cute and I know you just love it (lol).

Happy birthday, my love, I can't wait to see what your second year has in store for you!!!

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grandma and grandpa said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson! We had fun celebrating with you at your birthday party! You are such a sweetheart!

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