Friday, July 1

Jack's Birthday Party

His cake, made by me!  The "dirt" was a cake that I destroyed by trying to flip it before it cooled off, so I crumbled it up and put fake bugs in it!  I don't recall telling anyone I was making a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" cake, but Jack received a lot of Eric Carle books as presents, including a copy of this book which we didn't own!
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jack, he didn't seem to care much. :-)  I think he remembered the chocolate cupcake from the night before and was just waiting to get into the cake!

A family photo, maybe someone captured one from a different angle?
Mmm, there's some cake!  Thanks Grandma!

We had a bug-themed party, the kids got to choose if they wanted a fake tattoo or not.  Luke opted for a lizard.
And Beth a ladybug, most of the girls chose ladybugs or butterflies!

After everyone left, Jack opened a gift (with plenty of help) from Grandma and Grandpa, a dump truck with blocks!
A cool new toy to push around!
 Jack's party was lots of fun, I think we had over 20 kids in attendance!  It was bug-themed, with a bug hunt for fake bugs (and one real one, ick), a bug banner to decorate, tattoos, and of course cake and ice cream!  I gave out real ladybugs as party favors, hopefully they all made it home and outside onto the plants that night!  Jack received lots of gifts, mostly books and bath toys, two things we can always use more of!  Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate our big boy's birthday!

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grandma said...

Awesome cake! Lots of time and effort, but oh so cute!

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