Saturday, June 4

Dear Beth,

Dear Beth,
Last night was your second-ever ballet production and I tried to document the entire experience so that, in the future, you will know how amazing you are.

This is the end of your second full year of ballet, and you're four years old.  It's difficult for me to remember that when you started ballet, you were two years old and Luke wasn't even walking yet!

This year you were in the beginner's class with the threes and fours, I'm not positive but I think you were one of the oldest girls (you were definitely one of the tallest!).  When the spring semester started wrapping up, your class started getting ready for this year's production, Antshillvania.  You and your classmates were flowers.

You wouldn't believe the preparations that go into this production.  It is a full-scale complete show, not just a little recital!  (And you were only a beginner, I can't imagine how much the older girls had to prepare!)  You had one in-class dress rehearsal and two on-stage rehearsals before the actual show.  

You had a lot of fun at these rehearsals because you were able to watch the "big girls" dance and practice while running around with the other girls in your class!  Then when it was your turn to rehearse on stage, you did beautifully!  In fact, I think you might have been the best because when it was time for each girl to take a turn side-galloping across the stage, you always went first!

(After the actual production, you asked me why everyone clapped and cheered when you went across the stage by yourself, and I said it's because everyone thought you did such a great job and were very cute.  You got a sheepish little grin on your face, and I asked you how that made you feel.  You smiled and said, "Good.")

These photos are from the rehearsal on the night of the production.
you watched other dancers rehearse

then got ready to go on stage and rehearse your own scene

waiting for your turn on stage- you're in the middle with your arms stretched in front of you.  i think you like slipping around on the smooth floor!
you were always first on stage, right next to your teacher

On the night of the production, after rehearsal, I brought you backstage to eat dinner and get into your costume.  You were a little cranky and refused to take a picture with your friend Mary, but after we got you dressed I asked permission to bring you out of the dressing room to watch the show.  You and I snuck into the back of the theater and took a seat to watch the beginning of the production, until intermission.  When the first scene began (it was the older ballerinas), you grinned and were enamored with the "beautiful ballerinas," and when they finished you clapped so enthusiastically!  You made me laugh!

I brought you back for your turn on stage.  I was in the back so I didn't get very good pictures!  From what I saw, you were so cute and did such a good job pointing your toes!  I think I cried a little. :-)

when your class came on stage in the dark, the audience saw the shadows and everyone went "awwww!"

it's nearly impossible to see, but you're that little blur in the middle of the stage, all by yourself!
After your dance I brought you out again to watch some more of the show before you had to go back for the finale.  The rest of the show involved more of the story line and you got really into the drama of the spider dancers.  It was a very cool dance, with sort of spooky music and smoke from a machine, and I think it got your heart pounding!  I had to take you back after that and on the way to the dressing room you let me know that those were just dancers dressed up like spiders. ;-)

Your class came out first during the finale, and you sat on stage and watched as the older dancers came out on stage to bow.  Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa were sitting very close to the stage, and Grandpa got some photos of you.

Everything finally wrapped up after 10:00 pm and you were exhausted!  You told me you were tired and grumpy and wanted to go to bed.  So we took you home and put you to bed!

Mommy and Daddy (and Grandma and Grandpa too!) are so proud of our little dancer!  You were amazing, and we look forward to watching you dance on stage many more times as you grow older!  I know you had a fun night!


Wally said...

I love the pictures. She is adorable!
Have a nice Sunday.~ E

grandma c said...

Beautiful letter to Beth! Beautiful ballerina! We were SO proud of Beth!

mama schmerb said...

So sweet! I am totally impressed.
We are definitely coming to the next one!

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