Monday, June 6

Our Summer Plans

I think Ryan and I finally figured out what we are going to do this summer.  We had wanted to sign the kids up for swim lessons or soccer or t-ball or something like that, but I don't think any of that is going to work out for a variety of reasons.

Instead, we're planning a "Summer of Fun" for our heard!  We are coming up with a list of fun, different activities that we can do every weekend while Ryan is home and can participate.  (I figured, if we were doing soccer again we'd be busy every Saturday morning for six weeks, surely we can do it on our own too, right?)  So far we plan to make birdhouses, visit a real farm (I'd love for them to be able to milk a cow!), make canvas art for Ryan's office/ our schoolroom, and visit the small local airport (you can get very close to watching the planes take off and even meet the pilots).  I need some more ideas, lol.  We also plan to take Ryan to the Children's Museum with us as he's never gone with us before! 

I don't know what we'll do about the pool and swimming.  I don't feel comfortable taking all three kids to the pool by myself... Our neighborhood pool is free but the water is no shallower than three feet!  Even the pools in the local community are too busy for me to have all three of mine safely contained.  Maybe Ryan and I will "borrow" the neighbor's pool a few times, hehehe. 

Anyone else have any fun plans for the summer?  Good ideas for fun, out-of-the-ordinary projects for us?

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Kyla and Michael said...

What about looking into a place where you can go and pick berries or other fruits? Michael and I picked strawberries last year (not sure if there are strawberry farms in TX but I know that are blackberry ones) and it was super fun!

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