Thursday, June 2

Another Doctor Appointment for Jack

My Jack Jack had another doctor appointment today, this time with a pediatric allergist.  His "rash" had started coming back and the pediatric dermatologist recommended we go see the allergist!

The good news is I really feel good about this appointment.  He listened to our history and agreed that it was urticaria, a fancy word for hives.  (Yes, I've been reading a lot of Fancy Nancy these days, can you tell?)  What he explained to me was the best way to treat the hives using potentially three receptor blockers.  Since Zyrtec isn't helping him as it should be, we have to add in another medicine to try to break the cycle of his skin cells reproducing other hive-infected skin cells.  Tomorrow he'll start on Zantac, which is for stomach acid but it will also do the job of blocking the second receptor.  If it doesn't clear by Monday, we'll add a third medicine in- Singulair.  Once he's cleared up he has to stay on the medicine for two weeks to give his skin a chance to clear up and start reproducing healthy skin cells.

We did talk about what potentially caused this, and there are obviously a few things: a virus, a food allergy, or a drug allergy.  Since he hadn't been on any drugs we can safely rule that one out.  Jack hadn't shown any symptoms of being sick before he developed the rash, but it's still an option.  Food allergies are also possible but he said that those hives usually present differently than what Jack has.  To be safe, he ordered blood tests to check for allergens. 

After the appointment we went to a lab to have blood drawn.  I was terrified of this because we've had such negative experiences- at the ER the nurse had me lay down next to him and nurse him, but she couldn't find a vein.  At the children's hospital, the first nurse couldn't find a vein after two pricks (Jack was screaming bloody murder at this point) so a second nurse had to come in. She found the vein but he wouldn't bleed; by the time we were done he was shaking so badly that he nursed and just passed out asleep.  It makes me tear up just thinking about how shaken up he was. :-(  Needless to say, I was very nervous about today, but this nurse had me hold him in a sitting up position while I nursed him.  Jack didn't even flinch when she stuck the needle in, she filled up four vials, and bandaged him up before he even realized what happened.  I thanked our Guardian Angels and nearly hugged her for doing such a great job.  We'll have those results in a couple of weeks.

Please keep him in your prayers as we try to knock this thing out once and for all!  22 days until his first birthday!


mama schmerb said...

We just hope and pray our Jack Jack gets all better. He so blessed to have caring, wonderful parents and good doctors. God Bless our good doctors. *nod to Uncle Michael* ;)
and good doctors who do reseach to help others *nod to Uncle Josh*;)

Kyla and Michael said...

Poor sweet little Jack. Oh girl, I can only imagine how heartbreaking that was to see him crying so hard. Prayers as you guys wait for the test results!

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