Saturday, May 19

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was last Sunday and I had an absolutely wonderful day.  We went to mass, had a yummy brunch with the new waffle maker Ryan surprised me with, and I got a necklace I'd wanted for a few months.  The kids played nicely and spoiled me with lots of hugs, kisses, and "I love you!" all throughout the day.  I think I even had a nap!  Ryan did the dishes all day long.  We grilled delicious beef fajitas and had a relaxing afternoon.  It was a great, lazy day spent at home with the people who made me a mother. :-)

My necklace has each of the kid's names, a round disc with tiny baby feet, a silver heart, and a little pearl. 

1 comment:

grandma c said...

Bet Daddy is hanging this picture up in his office. :)

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