Saturday, May 19

Blueberry Picking

so excited!
 It was a little early this year for us to pick blueberries, but we thought we'd try to hit up the local farm before it got too hot.  We arrived about 9:15 and it was already too hot!  We found a good shady spot and began picking, while Luke and Jack began eating!  This year, Beth was pretty good about picking her own bucketful- she picked 1.19 lbs on her own!  Between that plus what Ryan and I picked, we had about 12 lbs, which was more than last year. Beth found the fullest bush we'd ever seen, the branches were heavy with completely ripe blueberries!  We cleared out that bush pretty well, and as I switched to the next busy over I felt a crazy painful prick on my finger- and I saw a wasp fly away!  I was stung!  I don't know that I've ever been stung before, at least I don't remember, so I freaked out a little and was wondering if I was going to have some sort of reaction.  I went to the front where the farm workers were and one of them rubbed something on my finger, but I felt the pain move down my pointer finger down into my wrist.  Luckily it stopped there and numbed up after a bit, but I was a pretty worthless picker after that.  Not even a couple of minutes later I found this branch with the tip full of red and white caterpillars, perfectly still but bunched together as if they were trying to mimic a flower or something.  Cool, but eww!  I decided at that point that I'd post on my blog so all blueberry pickers know- shake out your branch before you start picking!  Give those bugs a chance to get out of there!

it took jack about 1 minute to figure out he could eat the berries, and he kept his mouth stuffed the entire time!

luke started picking and putting them in his bucket, but wound up mostly eating them all.

it was pretty crowded but we managed to find a quiet spot to ourselves after awhile.

this branch wasn't ripe yet but the berries were huge!


beth and me as we were checking out.  her 1.19 lbs is in her own white bag!


grandma said...

Berry, berry cute berry pickers!

Lindsey said...

Ah ha! I guess then you probably don't want to go again with us, as I suggested in my Facebook message. Sorry you got stung. :( Ouch! Last year we had a close encounter with a rat snake in a bush! :O A. found it! We're so glad he told us.

So, do you freeze a good portion of the berries? I hope we can pick about 10-12 pounds again this year. I love fresh-picked blueberries! :)

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