Monday, May 28

Our First Crawfish

Today Luke found our first live crawfish in our backyard!  The kids were playing in the sprinkler and it was spraying in a low-lying area so the water started to settle on the grass.  Apparently that's all this little guy needed because Luke ran to Daddy to tell him, "There's something out there with pinchers on it and I don't like it AT ALL!"  Ryan caught the crawfish and he had fun showing it to the kids and trying to convince Beth to hold it!

This movie reminds me of the Rolly Polly from so many years ago. :-)


mamaw said...

If you can't get to Louisiana, Louisiana will come to you! Get your cajun on!

grandma c said...

Brave, brave kiddos! Great video of daddy teaching his children how to hold a crawfish. Next video: "How to cook and eat 'em."

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