Sunday, October 14

Moving into Fall

Where to start... The past two weeks have been busy with family, friends, school, and work!  I made the drive into the city 6 times over a two-week period, four trips for doula business and two for personal business.  I have major respect for people who commute into the city for work, because although I wasn't traveling at peak rush hours, my back hurt after all that time in the car!

One of those trips was a special day for Beth and me, when I took her to a ballet performance as part of a field trip with some other members of our homeschool group, then she and I had lunch at a gluten-free restaurant in town.  The boys stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa!


Four of those trips were for business- I had my first (and only!) birth in the med center.  It was a great experience, working there, but it's just too far for me to travel so I don't think I'll be taking any more births down there, unless it was for a special friend!  Another two trips were for our local fair about all things birth and babies.  On Friday I was CPR trained and Saturday a friend and I drove to attend the fair and hear different talks.  It was a good weekend but WOW was I tired after driving like that two days in a row!

Other than that, we've been schooling as usual, playing with friends in the afternoons, attending ballet and gymnastics and clubs, and staying busy!

It's so cliche but really time is going faster to me!  It's already mid-October, we're 8 weeks into school, and I'm preparing for Luke's 4th birthday, which around here is the kick-off of the holiday season!  I'm already in the mood to make new holiday wreaths, plan fall activities like visiting a pumpkin patch, pull out sweaters, and mix up a batch of hot chocolate. :-)  We had a few days of cool weather- one day (last Sunday!) I'd venture to say was actually cold- but other than that there's no reason for it to start feeling like the holiday season!

I feel like I'm ready for a change of pace, and while I despise the days getting shorter (and the awful time change in a couple of weeks...), I am ready for something new.  Holiday decor, festivities and feasts, and cool weather!

As an update to Jack's sleeping problems, he started to sleep better (later than 6:00 am!) once we started putting him to bed earlier.  There really is something to the whole "sleep begets sleep" thing!  His speech is continuing to flourish and he's also hit a new milestone- POTTY TRAINING!  That's right, Jack is wearing undies now!  It's been such a relief to be finished with washing cloth diapers- I have been washing them for over 4 years now!  He just needs two diapers a day now, and it's not enough for me to justify running a load of diapers just for those, so he's in disposables now for naps and night time.  It started when one day he told me he needed to go tinkle in the potty, and I went for it, and it stuck after a few days.  I used the same method to train him the way I did Beth and Luke, I'd be happy to share with anyone who wants to ask (but I don't want to post it online!).  So no wonder he was having trouble sleeping, his mind and body was getting ready to make two pretty big changes!

All three kids have little coughs and runny noses right now, but I wouldn't consider them "sick" either.  I've been doing my thing, trying to keep their immune systems strong by using my natural ways!  I'm supplementing their diets with elderberry syrup, homemade chicken broth, eucalyptus oil in humidifiers, and a homeopathic remedy when Jack's snotty nose was turning yellow...and trying to encourage them to drink lots and lots of water (though they won't always comply!).  Ryan had a touch of a cold too, somehow I've been the only one to completely avoid it (knock on wood!) for now.

This week I've planned a "fall break" from school, hopefully I can catch up on some housework that hasn't gotten done in the past 8 weeks... Yikes!

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