Wednesday, October 24

Follow Up Thoughts

I have some more thoughts that have been floating around in my head since my last post, which sparked a bit of conversation on Facebook.   First off, when I go to someone else's home, I hope my dear friends know I do *not* judge you all in any way, shape, or form.  Especially new mamas... In fact, I'm working on a new "thing" right now for my business that revolves around support for new mamas by providing them help in the way *they* need it.  Everyone feels differently about their home, every person places their priorities in a different place, and that's okay. However, if you're a new mama and I show up with dinner for your family, I will help you with some housework because... let's face it... everyone needs clean dishes!  I'm not thinking "Oh man this place is a wreck, let me help you with this..." It's more like, "WOW YOU JUST HAD A BABY!  You're amazing!  Let me help you with this!"  Because that's how I truly feel about new mamas!

And for the rest of us that don't currently have a baby in the house, God has blessed us each in our own individual way.  I know that a clean house is nice, but I also know that my number 1 goal is heaven- for me, my husband, and my kids.  Sometimes I have to let the house go to remember that goal...Other times I feel like I have to teach my kids responsibility so that they can learn to be responsible adults!  It's definitely a balance, and not something I really lose sleep over.  These are just more rambling thoughts...

I am constantly reminding myself that this is my family, this is their childhood, here and now.  These are the moments that will be engrained in them forever, the moments that will shape them into the adults they become, the moments that will help them form relationships with each other and other people throughout their lifetime.  They have each been created uniquely and individually handcrafted by the Lord, and I am only their guardian.  Everything I do revolves around those thoughts.  What little blessings they are to me!

So as other moms read my blog posts, I hope I don't discourage you, or bring you down.  My life is not perfect, I struggle in my own areas that aren't always publicized on this blog.  I have nothing to gain in complaining, I only hope to share a few struggles to let other mamas know that they are not alone in this journey.  I know that as moms, we all go through similar struggles- but it's not a competition either.  I don't like the game of "Let me complain about my house and tell you why mine is messier than yours," or, "Let me tell you why my schedule it more hectic and crazier than yours," etc.  I am here for my friends and clients if they need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to vent to if things aren't going well, and I sure am not going to make it a competition.  Sometimes we just need to let it all out without feeling judged!

I think we all have some wise words to share with other moms, please feel free to share yours in the comments.  And I know I'm being a little preachy but hey, this is my blog afterall. ;-)


Neen said...

You always words things so nicely. As someone that has benefited from your wonderful cooking for my family, I say thank you. I never felt judged and I hope my response wasn't taken as if that were my fear.

I know that I struggle with that balance between "get the house clean" and "love on the kiddos". I really do struggle with it. I am an "all or nothing" kind of girl so keeping the house clean is hard with 11 kids. I get mad at them when they are just living.

Anyway you are so on the right track as one can tell by the happy and faithful nature of your children. I hope my words before were taken as more that "I get where you are and am in the same boat" and not "you are focused on the wrong thing." You are a great mom. I love having you as a friend in the blog world, the homeschool world, the mom world and just in general. It is important for me to surround myself with life minded Catholic moms with the same struggles to help me stay on track. Thank you for writing about it all.

Nicole said...

great two posts on this topic!

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