Wednesday, October 24

To Luke on his 4th Birthday

Dear Lukie Duke-

Today is your fourth birthday!  I have already been thinking of you as a four-year-old for about a month or two now, because recently you've just sort of blossomed into a "bigger" boy.  Three years old just seemed to little for you!  You are starting to look more like your Daddy to me- which is fun for me to see since I have always though you favored me and your uncles/PawPaw more than Daddy's side.  But I see you walk with those looooong legs, and I see how broad your shoulders are... And boy, you can eat!  I bet you're going to have a fast metabolism just like your Daddy!

I am so proud of you, and I love the special connection that we have.  You are such a sensitive boy, and I embrace that because I know that one day you'll probably act too "grown up" to give your poor mother a hug, so every time you tell me you love me right now I try to take a mental picture and hug you a little bit harder.  It's my goal that every time you hug me, I make sure you're the one to let go first.  You have a little twinkle in your eye when you walk up to me, and I know you're about to tell me you love me, so I drop down on one knee and open my arms.  You are just so sweet!  It's times like these when I understand how adults jokingly tell their child to "never grow up," because it's a moment I want to freeze in my memory forever.

You still love your lawn mowers and weed whackers, tractors and backhoes, screwdrivers and drills, and now you love to be a fireman.  Mommy and Daddy bought you a fireman backpack for your birthday because we knew you'd love to pretend it was a leaf blower, but you love it as a fireman too!  Over the past few months you've been very interested in "school," begging me to do a workbook with you or read you a book.  Oh boy, do you love to read!  I have read to you for hours on end and you still ask for more.  You love all books, but at the library you head straight to pick out Clifford books... You don't know it now, but your Daddy can't stand those Clifford books!  He'll read them to you until he's blue in the face though, because he knows that's how much you love them.  Daddy likes to make up silly stories while reading, using silly voices, and you love it when he does this.  Just another way Daddy makes you laugh!

You've joined a young boy's club (Blue Knights) this year, and you're playing more with the older kids.  You jump right into the action, not hesitating to join in on the fun, sometimes not even looking back for me!  You love your gymnastics class and to play outside for hours and hours.  I love that you recently learned how to pump yourself on the swing!  I like to look outside and see you and Beth playing together, swinging next to each other and trying to kick the branches on the tree.  You don't always love playing side-by-side with Beth and Jack, but when y'all do you usually have a great time!

You usually still take a nap in the afternoon, though technically Mommy has told you that you don't have to!

I am so proud to be your mama and I am so excited to see how you grow and change even more this year!  But I do also sometimes wish you wouldn't grow up anymore...  I love you my sweet boy. 

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grandma c said...

Happy, happy birthday, Luke! How can you be 4 already? You are such a treasure!

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