Thursday, June 30

June, in photos

Caeli has such beautiful skin.

We woke up one Saturday and Ryan said, "What do you want to do today?" I said, "Build headboards for the boys?" So he did it.

I cut 8 inches or so for a summery-do.

Luke loves his doggy.

She has a wonderful imagination.  She reminds me so much of Beth as a baby.
We went to a free symphony concert with friends, with music by John Williams.

Caeli picked her free book from the library as a reward for the summer reading program.  Winnie the Pooh... in Spanish!  And she insisted I read it!

We had fun playing with friends, chasing their chickens, and collecting eggs.

I spent many hours of creative time designing and printing my own planner for life and school.  It's my favorite!

We scored some new patio furniture on clearance.

Luke helped PawPaw recover our dining room chairs.

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