Wednesday, December 28

Beth is 10!

Woah Darling, you're 10.  Ten years young.  Yesterday you declared, "I'm a decade old now!" and I couldn't help but think that you're not old, you're still so young!  You want so badly to be "old" and grown up.  You talk about getting a car (you hope Jenny will give you hers!) and what you will do/be when you grow up (an illustrator or a housekeeper!).  You want so badly to be given more privileges and to do more adult tasks.

I know you're going to make a GREAT adult one day, but there's no need to rush this growing up thing.  I try to tell you that being a kid is fabulous because you can try out new things whenever you want, but it's hard for you to sometimes find the joy in that- and that kills me because you are pretty much awesome at anything you put your mind to!   

For your birthday breakfast, I made you homemade cinnamon rolls- but you had to eat and run because Jenny took you on a special horseback riding expedition!  I always think your birthday is so special since it's right after Christmas and you always have family here to help you celebrate!  For dinner, Daddy smoked brisket and we had beans, creamed corn, and your favorite pickles.  We had a Texas sheet cake and Blue Bell ice cream- you went to the store with PawPaw to pick out the flavors you wanted (Homeade Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chip).   Daddy and I gave you a new sewing basket, a "Big Sis" charm for your bracelet and some heart earrings.  You also received books, more earrings, and a special wallet. 

Daddy and I love you so, so very much.  So do your brothers and sister (even if they don't always show it!), your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.  You are SO very loved, sweet girl.

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Liz said...

Happy birthday, Beth!

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