Sunday, October 30

Luke is EIGHT!

This birthday will forever be known as the birthday that tripled our Lego collection!  Luke has been talking for months about his birthday (he's always very enthusiastic about holidays!) and made it well-known to everyone that all he wanted was Legos!  He has brought me the little advertisement "magazine" from his previous Lego kits and pointed out the kits he wanted... he's been doing this for at least four months.  It made picking out his gift so much easier!  Beth desperately wanted to get him a Robin Hood dress up costume (which he liked but let's be honest... Jack loves it more) and I found a switch-blade hair comb on Amazon that I hoped would satisfy his desire for a pocket knife!  Once he figured out how to use it, he loved that too!

Grandma and Grandpa generously hosted his party, made him his favorite dinner (steak!), and then we had brownies and ice cream.  Luke knows what he wants, asks for it, and was pretty much in heaven the whole afternoon!


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