Thursday, April 21


I rocked Caeli to sleep last night and noticed the shrinking size of my lap.  In order to lean up against me, she has to arch her back a little over my baby bump and wrap her tan little legs around mine to keep from slipping off.  This doesn't seem to bother her, but I notice.

And just like that, 17 weeks in, this pregnancy is flying by.  Life carries on as usual but I notice those little things, things probably no one else notices or understands. But I notice.

I notice the change in my gait.  My hips have widened and there's a small waddle that's been added to my walk.

I notice the placement of the firm part of my belly.  It's not all firm, but where it is keeps me from bending over or even kickboxing the way I used to.

I notice the additional pangs of hunger from not eating enough of the "right" foods.  Because when I eat, everyone wants to eat.  And the idea of dirtying up multiple pots and pans in the morning just doesn't seem to be worth the extra work of cleaning it all up.

I notice the lightheadedness from the additional blood flowing through my body.  The shortness of breath from one flight of stairs.  The tiredness.

And the veins in my left leg.  Oh boy do I notice them.

I've also started noticing something new.  Little gentle kicks, pokes and jabs from a little person inside letting me know he* is there.  He hasn't wasted any time with gentle flutters; this baby already know he's destined for the soccer field like his brothers and sisters.

The ebbs and flows of our day allow me time to sit and concentrate on waiting for those kicks.  I place my hand on my lower abdomen and give a gentle but firm push, to let him know he has my full attention.  More often than not, I think he knows I'm waiting for him and he responds with a push.  Our two worlds meet through layers of skin and muscle and I'm reassured that he's still there, waiting for me too.

***I say "he" for the sake of ease, but we won't be finding out the gender of this baby before birth!  It was too much fun last time not knowing that Caeli was a girl!

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Anonymous said...

FYI, prophesy... this one is a boy :)

PS: You kickbox??

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