Sunday, February 7

Silly Girl

So far two-years-old has been tons of fun with this sweet and silly girl!

We pulled out our smallest pair of ballet shoes for her to wear, and she now loves to wear "bows" in her hair.  She calls pony or piggy tails "bows."  She told me she was "drawing" and I thought it was too funny and cute the way she was laying there on the kitchen floor.  Because that's a great place to draw.  In your ballet shoes.  With a giant flower in your hair.

This day the big kids wanted to ride bikes in the driveway, but I was too cold just sitting outside, so I grabbed my book and let her climb around in the car for about 45 minutes.  And she found goggles.

I think she adores our one-on-one time on Wednesdays while her siblings are at co-op.  On this day she played on Beth's bed for 30 minutes with Beth's prized American Girl doll... which Beth doesn't allow her to play with... Shhhhh....

Her naps have become so reliable that I know I can count on her to sleep during daily mass at noon.  I sat alone in a pew for some extra space and, lo and behold, she slept the whole way through.  It was glorious!

She doesn't enjoy dress-up clothes really (other than a frog costume which she'll wear for about 5 minutes!) but she loves to pull my veil out of my purse and just wear it around the house.  I doubt she'd wear her own during mass though!

And finally, she has a "silly laugh" that cracks me up every time!  Sometimes she'll just start doing it out of the blue, and I have to wonder what she's thinking about in her sweet little mind that makes her just start laughing like this on her own!

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