Sunday, February 7

January (and February 2nd!) photos

An epiphany party which included a procession of canned goods to a nativity scene, indoor candles (because it was raining outside), a gift exchange, a cookie contest (we won second place!), and the revealing of our "advent angel"- our secret friend who had prayed for us during advent!
A drawer full of eraser-less pencils, because of an orally-fixated 5-year-old. 

Brothers learning to read together.
Our new "morning time" allows for some free-play with clay while I read shared lessons to everyone. 

A Christmas present from MawMaw and PawPaw that has already given us hours upon hours of use and fun.

Late night smores with old friends.

Regular library and park afternoons, taking advantage of a beautiful Texas "winter."

A gift basket I assembled with donations from two friends.  I crocheted the mustard and gray blanket, purchased the basket and a handful of "tried and true" mommy and baby items, which raised $200 at a silent auction for our co-op.

Impromptu soccer practice during music lessons at our new music studio.  Beth and Luke attend weekly lessons (piano and ukulele, respectively) while Jack, Caeli, and I play soccer in the parking lot.

"Mommy, take a picture of the puzzle.  It's not coming apart when I pick it up!"
The ordination mass of our new Bishop Steven Lopes at our diocesan co-cathedral.  After a day of celebration, the 7 pm mass went beautifully with our worn-out crew!

Remarks from Bishop Lopes at the end of mass, not aired on EWTN due to timing.   I have no doubt he will bring beloved Roman tradition and structure into our beautiful, young ordinariate! 

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