Monday, February 1

An Announcement

I've been attending spiritual guidance with my trusted priest for nearly a year now.  The fruits of someone to help me decipher God's will and plan for me has been both a blessing and a trail for me.  The blessings of attending my beloved parish, the opportunities for spiritual growth through reading, talks, and long conversations with friends, and my own personal devotions has also made me a target for Satan.  He's pulled out all sorts of tricks on me for a year now, attacking different parts of me that I can see in retrospect, were simply a failed means to make me feel worthless and meaningless.  It's been a rough spiritual year.

But back to spiritual guidance.  I bring in my issue that Satan has laid in front of me, and my guide helps me see God's love.  I tell him I want to change the world, he reminds me that change begins at home.  I say this group of people, he says your husband, sons, and daughters.  He's doesn't squash my dreams, just reminds me of God's will.  And each time I say yes and truly seek His plan, I am at peace.

I've always thought God had something huge in store for me, and I hope that doesn't sound egotistical.  Even since high school, I've always felt He had a big plan for me.  Figuring out exactly what that means in each stage of life isn't easy!

Today, I read a reflection that really hit the nail on the head and brought it all home for me.
"I sometimes get swept up by notions of the BIG IMPORTANT jobs God had for some folks. Saint Mary Magdalene: First witness to the resurrection. Saint Catherine of Siena: Restorer of the papacy. Saint Joan of Arc: Leader of armies.
I’ll tell him, “Hey God, if you need anyone to pass along some new doctrine, or convert the president, or conquer Canada . . . just let me know.”
So far, He just keeps sending babies."

(Go read the rest of Kendra's short reflection here.) 

When I read those lines, I had to put my coffee down and re-read them, for you see- He has sent me a new baby.  A reminder that my place is here, in this home, with our children.  Another soul to raise for Him.  My heart may want to serve the homeless and spread the good news to foreign lands, but for now He has once again reminded me that I need to be fully present here- serving my family and spreading the good news to them and those whose paths we cross.

I am grateful that He sees me fit to raise another soul (even though some days I might disagree), and that he's given me this gentle and wonderful reminder that my place in the world is right here, in this home.

(New Baby N. coming in early October!)


Liz said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am SO excited for you, Steph & family! Amazing news!

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Shannon said...

Congrats!! How wonderful!

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