Sunday, January 10

Happy 2nd Birthday, Caeli Rose

Two years have gone by since I gave birth to this amazing little girl.  A child who has brought me delight day in and day out.  She has brought me peace and multiplied my love in ways I didn't understand was possible.

As I ponder her second year, she has grown and changed like any one year old should.  She favors her siblings in her looks and in her mannerisms, but has a personality all of her own.  We all dote on her, even her big brothers are reduced to squealy-high voices when they talk about how cute she is!

Caeli still loves to wake up early and keep me company in the early mornings.  She and I will cuddle and read, or she will play with the saint peg dolls as I read.  Usually she prefers to sit with me.

She is very expressive, "talking" with her hands while explaining to me a very detailed story or singing us a song!  Her speech is growing and she definitely has a clear understanding of how to tell us what she has to say, even though we don't quite understand everything.  She's very possessive of everything, from toys to her stroller, her shoes, and even me!

She loves playing with her babies, rocking them up and down and shushing them to sleep.  She's been known to rock- and-shush anything from a dump truck to a shoe!

Caeli is a creature of habit.  She has rituals and routines and prefers that things go as she pleases.  As she falls asleep, usually in the crook of my elbow, she likes to stick her hand up my sleeve.  This has been a little more difficult in winter months when my sleeves have been tight around my wrists!  She also settles quickly this way when she's distressed, or when she's found her Nuk and she comes to me or a bit of cuddle time.  She always calls for "Nuk!" when she's sad about something, and over the past two weeks she's developed a funny self-soothing habit that involves coming into my bedroom, closing the door behind her, and rolling around on the carpet on my floor while she pouts and fusses.  I come in and check on her and ask if she needs anything, she tells me no, and I ask if she wants me to stay, she says no again, so I leave!  She comes out just fine after 10 minutes or so, sometimes she's raided my closet and comes out boasting a pair of mommy's heels!

She's obsessed with her Nuk. I've considered trying to wean her from it, but I can't wrap my head around taking something that she loves so much!  It's going to be painful when the day does come!

She always makes me smile, and I can't stay grumpy at her for very long!  We all love this girl- happy birthday Caeli Rose!  

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What's a Nuk?

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