Sunday, November 1

Happy All Saint's Day!

"Saints are just sinners who kept trying."
Today's homily brought tears to my eyes several times as he preached about the importance of our heavenly friends and intercessors. They walk with us, they worship with us during mass. They've lived the same lives we are living, and they've succeeded in joining Christ in heaven! The kids were invited to wear their Saint costumes- and he suggested that maybe one day a child would be dressed as them for All Saint's Day! 

St. Gianna, St. Luke, St. John Bosco, and St. Bernadette 

Some of our books and all of our Saint peg dolls. I hope to leave all of this up for a couple of weeks at least, so we can focus on reading these books.

Today the children could come to mass dressed in their saint costumes! This is only half of the children who dressed up.

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