Monday, November 16

An Aggie Game!

Ryan insisted on taking the big kids to an Aggie game this season, and as soon as we finally found a free weekend on the calendar he bought tickets!  This was our first time to see the new and improved Kyle Field, and of course we were blown away.  We arrived just in time to see the band and corps march in!  The boys were excited to see real swords!

We just happened to run into some friends, and we stuck together during the march in.

I think Ryan was anxious to get inside, so we finally found our seats and watched the players run in- some, as seniors, for the last time.  The kids were in awe of everything from the height of our seats (yeah, pretty high!) to the jumbotrons.

It was chilly but not too cold, and it drizzled a teeny tiny bit but thankfully no real rain!  The kids are already begging to go back next season!

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Neen said...

Those are great pictures of what looks like a fun afternoon.

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