Saturday, November 21

A Visit from Uncle Michael

Uncle Michael came to visit us from his home halfway across the United States, and we felt lucky that he chose to spend his vacation days here in Texas.  On the first full day he was here, we happened to have museum class, so he accompanied Jack, Caeli, and me to the zoo while Beth and Luke went to class.  These once-a-month days are always fun for me because I get to spend the morning with just two kids, and one of them acts like a different kid without his big brother around!  It's a special time we get to spend together!  We wandered around the zoo for a bit, went back to the museum for lunch, then he left to see friends while I took the kids on their private tour of the paleontology hall with a docent!

The next day we made a big Thanksgiving dinner to share with him, since it was a few days before and we all agreed that it'd be better to have an early feast with family!  To complete the experience, Michael played some Christmas carols on our piano (inspiring Beth in the process to keep up her lessons!) and they all watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas while I finished things up in the kitchen.  I made a giant turkey breast instead of a full turkey, with stuffing, green beans, and homemade cranberry sauce.

We had to part ways early the next morning since it was co-op day for us and he was off to visit other family elsewhere in the state.  We all greatly enjoyed his visit!  I get to see him sooner than everyone else on my mommy-only adventure coming up in December...More on that later! ;-)

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