Monday, August 31

Pumping Gas

The other late afternoon I went to the grocery store alone.  My head was swirling with a mental list of things we needed: vinegar and honey, garlic powder and foil.  I was tired after a long weekend and decided that I'd probably be too lazy to fill up my tank after I shopped, so I made the quick decision to fill up first.

I only needed about half a tank.  I like to top it off when I'm out at the grocery store alone so I don't have to fill up with a car full of anxious, hot kids.  I got out, paid, put in the pump, and leaned against my car, facing West.  My car had told me it was 92 degrees outside, but the black asphalt made it seem warmer the longer I stood there.  In a split-second decision, I stopped myself from pulling out my phone to find something to entertain me for two minutes, and I just leaned my weight into the car and soaked in the heat.  As I noticed myself starting to complain of how hot I was getting, I made the conscious decision to enjoy it.

Summer, the season I always crave.  Long days, tank tops, humidity, and splashing in the pool.

Winter.  More layers, more laundry, short days, and dry air.  Yuck.

Enjoy the heat while you can, sister, because in a few months you'll be missing it. 

While my eyes were closed, I started to see funny colors, eventually turning to red- then even brighter red!- and I thought my eye lids would catch fire.  It was hot, y'all. But then my gas pump clicked off and as I placed it back, I thought about how happy I was that I chose to enjoy those two minutes alone instead of looking for fast entertainment.  I felt oddly refreshed and ready to tackle the store.

I hope I cherish this moment in a few months when I'm chilled to the bone and complaining about it being dark when it's 5:30.  But maybe by then, I'll be wise enough to soak in those cold moments and enjoy them for what they are, and then be able to recall them to memory fondly when I'm pumping gas on another hot summer day.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am actually looking forward to the next hot and sultry day. Excellent writing, good observation and very nicely done.

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