Sunday, July 12

Jack is FIVE!

We celebrated Jack's birthday a couple of weeks ago- he's now FIVE!  He woke up excited that it was his birthday, but he can be a little shy and embarrassed so he was sort of playing it off a little bit!  We had a morning at home playing his favorite games- jumping on the couch cushions and Twister. ;-)

Mawmaw was here, Grandma and Grandpa came in for the afternoon, and Aunt Jenny showed up with Uncle David and Uncle Alex that evening.  We grilled hamburgers and of course had some cake!

He caught this fly in the house and brought it outside.  He said it was his "fly friend."  I don't know what he did to it that made it not able to fly away!

Jack is a seriously sweet, sensitive kid.  He craves alone time with us and sometimes I worry that he's suffering from middle child syndrome, but we try to give him the time and loving he needs.  He loves to read one-on-one and play Frozen memory over and over and over again.  He also loves to dress up and frequently dresses up as as bishop, a snorkling man, or just a kid in a Buzz Lightyear costume who runs and slides on the tile floor to make his little sister laugh!  He's such a sweet big brother to her!  He plays independently and imaginatively, which is why he received a homemade fairy "treehouse" from Daddy for his birthday this year.  He was a little shy about it at first (of course) but he already plays with it daily.  He wears the same clothes almost daily (the clothes in these pictures), I practically have to bribe him so that I can wash them!  He always tucks in his shirts and is very particular about his mass clothes and socks  He can be very private, modest, and reserved.  I can't wait to see what God has planned for him. 

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Jack is a great kid!

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