Sunday, July 12

Answer Me This: It's Hot, I Need a Drink!

No, I didn't go to Edel this year either!  I had my ticket to go last year but wound up selling it so that we could attend the wedding of Ryan's cousin (which I just sadly realized, I never put up a blog post about our trip to St. Louis!).  I hope to attend sometime in the future.  Or maybe just go with some girlfriends to the beach or something.  A girl's getaway- wherever it is- sounds so fabulous right now before we kick it back into school gear.  Anyways, here are this weeks questions from Catholic All Year!

1. At what temperature do you keep the thermostat set? Summer, winter, day, night?
I've been really hot lately.  I don't think it's just summertime, I think it's a hormonal thing, but for the past two months it's been at 76.  In years past I could deal with 78.  Really, I'd rather have it down to 74 or 73, but I'm terribly afraid of what that would do to our electric bill.  We have an a/c unit for upstairs that I've programmed to go as high as 83(!) during the daytime hours that we're not typically upstairs, and if I ever have to run up there during that time I just melt by the time I reach the top of the stairs!   In the winter, I think it's usually about 72?  I can't remember, all I can think about right now (literally) is how HOT I am all.the.time.

2. What is your favorite frozen beverage?
Ahhh... Frozen drinks.  Ryan hates them and I'm not sure I've met a frozen drink I didn't enjoy.  I just figured out the kid's snow cone maker (basically an ice shaver) is fabuloso with some lime juice, tequila, and triple sec on top.  So yeah, basically a margarita. ;) I know, so unoriginal, but really right now I need drinks that require very little effort for me to decide and make.  So lately I'm pouring lots of margaritas and bourbon with ice!

Not frozen, but hand-squeezed and so very yummy.

3. Where do you keep your keys?
We try to keep our keys by the garage door or in my diaper bag, but they're usually found somewhere other than where they should be.  Sometimes we can't find them at all.  And I used to be so organized...

4. Have you ever really been lost?
I can't remember if I've been truly lost. I'm pretty good with directions, especially if I've written them down before I left- I have sort of a photogenic memory in the sense that I can remember what I physically wrote down with a pen and paper (doesn't work as well when I type).  One time a GPS took Ryan and I down an incredibly sketchy street outside of DC and we truly feared for our lives for a few minutes.  There were people approaching our rental car... Sort of looked like they were trying to corner us... Ryan gunned it out of there.

5. What is the last movie you saw in the theaters?
I can't remember this either!  I think it was Maleficent, with Angelina Jolie.  I went with my Mom and Sister- and it would have been last summer?  I loved Disney's Sleeping Beauty as a child, and so of course I had to go see with with the girls!  I enjoyed it, mostly, but as a fan of Michael O'Brien's  A Landscape with Dragons, I was bothered with the idea of justifying one's evilness.  And really what happened to her was quite disturbing when you think of it on a darker level.  Of course there's a happy ending and she ultimately chooses good, because it's a Disney movie!  But it struck up a good conversation and helped me figure out where I stand on how evil is portrayed in literature and movies.  (My kids are still incredibly sensitive to anything that appears to be tense or scary in a movie, so we don't watch many movies in our house.  But I do love reading fairy tales to them because I believe their mind can only paint a picture that they can mentally handle, unlike a movie which shows them an image that they may or may not be ready to handle yet.)  

Have you read A Landscape with Dragons?  What did you think of it?

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Anonymous said...

That is interesting about remembering something written down... how do you handle wakeups?

I mean, do you set an electronic rooster, or do you "program" your mind with a wake-up time and... bing! you wake up?

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