Saturday, June 20

School's Out!

I battled an illness for about three weeks in May, but when I finally felt better I kicked it into high gear so we could finish up school!  It provides great relief to me to "officially" end school and declare that we are DONE!  Even though we will be continuing with math for probably most of the summer, I feel like I can close that folder in my head and move on to thinking about the pool, summer drinks, and next year's plan (which I actually enjoy!).

I asked Beth a few questions to gauge how the year went in her mind and I wanted to share some of her answers!

1. What was your favorite subject? Math
2. What was your favorite part of ancient history?  The stone age people
3. What was your favorite field trip?  The aquarium
4. What are you most proud of learning? Multiplication, 10 x 5= 50
5. What are you most excited about for summer time?  Swimming!

Luke's year was pretty tame for a kindergartener.  He's very close to reading, and can sound out a few words but he's lacking confidence to just sort of take it over.  But boy, this kid is also an artist.  And a mathematician!  We will work on building confidence over the summer and I think he needs some new building sets!  (I'm considering venturing into the world of Legos...)

Jack will be in kindergarten next year and I'll admit I'm a little nervous about teaching three in the fall!  But for both of the boys, at this age I am just not concerned with having them sit and "do school" for three hours a day.  It's much more important to me to instill in them a love of reading (by reading to them!), an inquiring mind, appropriate social skills, and most importantly- virtue.

I hope to take a slightly different approach to our lessons in the fall.  I'm hoping that Caeli will be a little more compliant in letting me sit down to read to everyone (now she immediately climbs into my lap, kicks everyone else away, and wants to nurse), and I hope to put together some toddler busy bags for her to play with when I need her to play alone.  (Realistically I know this probably will rarely happen.  #fourthtimemomwisdom)  Beth will be doing some more work on the computer, we will be adding Shakespeare to our literature (!), and I want to plan out more official field trips and community service.  I'm considering joing 4H, we will stay in our co-op, and Beth and Luke are also starting piano lessons, finally!  I'm so excited to start planning our fall!

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