Monday, February 2

Sick Babies and a Long Weekend

(Deep breath.  Another sip of wine.)

My poor Caeli got a snotty nose last Wednesday, the day I drove in to the city to visit our parish's home school co-op and meet with our priest.  I had lunch with a friend and she pointed out Caeli's nose- one of those "things" that drive me nuts is a snotty-nosed baby- and of course Caeli's was so gross!  She got worse on Thursday, and so I brought her in to our family doctor on Friday.  A swab confirmed RSV and a peek in her ears confirmed a double ear infection.  No wonder she had seemed so lethargic and miserable.  Her fever hadn't been too high but it was enough to make her seem so very sick. 

Dozing in and out of sleep.
 We treated her ears with ibuprofen to lessen the swelling and of course that lowered her fever as well, but her nose and cough continued to progress.  She and I stayed home from a birthday party on Saturday (the weather was a little too cool for a sick baby) while Ryan and the kids got to go have some fun!

Sunday was a big day for our parish- the consecration of the new chancery!  The day started early with Sunday school (we were late!), high mass with two Cardinals in attendance (super cool), then lunch and playtime on church grounds for the afternoon.  All week long the weather had been predicted to be rainy but it stayed dry!  At 4 pm we attended Evensong (evening prayer in the Anglican use that is sung) and processed to the new building to witness the blessing and attend a reception.  I can't even describe the great procession, led by Cardinal Levada and attended by over 30 priests, our church's beautiful choir, Knights of Columbus, and all of the laity.  It was spiritually stirring to witness Evensong,evening prayer similar to Vespers.  (I am learning so much about these traditions held sacred by Catholics before the schism of the Church of England, but reverently preserved through all of these years until being welcomed home by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.  It's very humbling to this cradle Catholic who thought she knew it all!)

Beautiful children from 3 families, 11 in a row.  They are such good children, we are so blessed to call them friends!

All Jack really wanted was to meet a priest with a "bishops hat."  Unfortunately we didn't get to introduce him to one of the two Cardinals in attendance.  Maybe next time!

This was only a tiny part of the procession- the Knights of Columbus and part of the choir.  My photos do not do it justice.
Part of the outdoor shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham, with the beautiful new Chancery in the background.

The reception included appetizers and desserts, wine and coffee, and of course our children running around playing in the courtyard, having the times of their lives.  They love this place, and most likely at this point because they get to spend mornings and afternoons with their friends.  But I think it's a little more than that too.  I have no doubt that this is the right place for our family!

We shut the place down as usual (they had to turn the lights out on us!) and we came home late and went straight to bed.  12 hours at church just wore them out!

Maybe we wore Jack out too much, as today he woke up at 6 am needing to throw up.  And he's been sick all day, not even able to keep down a few sips of water.  But since it's not respiratory, it's not what Caeli has been sick with.  Yesterday and today she has clearly been on the mend, off the ibuprofen and pretty close to acting like her happy little self.  But poor Jack spent the day on the couch, in-and-out of consciousness.  Ryan and I both felt a little off today too but I'm hoping and praying that tomorrow everyone will wake up healthy.  I'm exhausted from having a sick, clingy, nursing-around-the-clock baby, and I'm ready for a little bit of normal life!

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Interesting! Is a chancery the same as a rectory?

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