Tuesday, February 24

A Trip to the Aquarium

I organized a field trip for our homeschool group to visit the local aquarium.  I didn't think it would be that big of an endeavor but it sort of was!  We went a couple of years ago and I really wanted to go again- and no one else wanted to organize it- so I volunteered!  The aquarium gave us a great rate for an all-day pass that gave us unlimited access to the rides and aquarium so it was hard to pass up this opportunity.  We had over 50 kids and their parents attend!

Before we started exploring, the kids had a little class prepared for them by some of the aquarium workers.  Their class was jungle-themed.  Basically they got to get close to a parrot!

 We explored the museum and saw one of their resident white tigers.  Ryan noticed that every time an aquarium employee walked by, the tiger got up and started pacing at the window.


Next we visited the sting rays, where we could stick our hands in and "pet" them.  Everyone was pretty timid at first but I think Luke was able to put his hands on one!  (A couple of months ago they also got to pet a shark at one of our museum field trip days- even Jack stuck his hand in and touched it!)

We went to lunch upstairs at the restaurant, where the kids sat a table with friends and the adults sat at a table alone.  We were right next to the ceiling-high aquarium, and we all enjoyed watching the fish and learning about them from our waitress.

Finally we went outside for the train, carousel, and this thing that took them up in the air and dropped them gradually, bit by bit, back down again.  It wasn't one huge drop which is what I initially was worried about!  Since we had unlimited passes they went on it a couple of times.  Jack even went!

The weather was cold, gray, and dreary, so we didn't stay outside as long as we did a few years ago, but the kids still had a great time.  I know they had a great time when they look like this on the ride home. :-)

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