Friday, January 2

New Year's Eve Party- Welcoming 2015 with a Party!

We like to throw parties.  It had been a good 9 years since our last big New Years Eve party (back in our childless days!) so we thought it about time for another one.  Since Josh and Ramona were still in town, they helped me kick it up a notch by preparing some decorations and pretty but delicious appetizers!

 The boys and Beth waited for guests by watching our neighbors pop firecrackers.  They all got a little dressed up for the party, though Jack insisted on tucking his button-down shirt into his windpants. :)

 We planned for the party to go to at least midnight and knew we'd have a few friends stay even later, so we put Caeli down to bed and sent the big kids upstairs to work on a Nativity play that I'd downloaded.  I printed off several scripts, handed them to some of the older kids, and told them to get to work!  A few hours later, after the lines were rehearsed, the choir practiced, and the costume designers worked their magic, we had a full-on performance by the kids!  It was super cute and we were all so proud of them!

 We had sparklers for the kids too.  There were a LOT of children in our backyard with sparklers.  I wasn't out there at this time or else I seriously might have freaked out.  That's a lot of kids and fire.  I heard that some of them were talking about how cool Mr. Ryan was the next day, so I guess the sparklers were a hit!

We had a few guests make it with us all the way till midnight!  We toasted and cheered with champagne while the kids had some sparkling grape juice!  The party lasted until 2 am or so, even the kids stayed up playing with their friends!

Our nephews had already gone to bed by time the other kids did the sparklers so Ryan saved a few for them.  They had to get up pretty early the next morning (considering we'd gone to bed only a few hours earlier!) to get to the airport, and it was raining, so Ryan lit some sparklers for them in the garage at 7:30 am the next morning.  It was a special way to end their long visit to Texas!
Yes, Beth, Luke, and Jack were awake too- of their own choosing!  I wish those kids would sleep in!

  While Ryan took them to the airport, I stayed home and got started with the aftermath.  Yeah, it was pretty bad, but oh so worth it!

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