Monday, January 19

Caeli's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Caeli's first birthday party with at her Godparent's house along with her buddy T. who was also turning one.  Ryan and I were burnt out after hosting our New Year's Eve party so we felt very blessed that our friends were willing to host a joint birthday party!  We agreed on a Peter Rabbit theme for the big one-year-olds and invited just a few of our closet friends.

During the party I read The Tale of Peter Rabbit, telling the kids to pay close attention.  I was sure they'd all heard it before but I had planned a game using some images I bought off Etsy, which were story images printed and cut into circles (supposed to be cupcake toppers, I think).  We divided the kids into teams and gave them each a set of circles, which they had to put in the correct order of the story.

After the game we sang happy birthday to our babies and had someone quickly cut the cake before the rowdy mob of kids pounced on it!

I was disappointed that I left Caeli's birthday bib at our house.  It was the same bib that Beth had worn on her first birthday, and I had saved it all these years for another girl. :-(  Ryan bought it for Beth before her first birthday so it was sort of special to me!  Caeli enjoyed her cake, oblivious to the fact that she was not, in fact, wearing a bib at all.

We opened presents and Caeli received a couple of books, dolls, clothes, a puzzle, and an egg game.

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