Sunday, January 18

Caeli Rose is One!

My Caeli Rose is one.
How did the time pass by so quickly?
I remember vividly the feeling of waiting for you to meet us.

But only you and the Lord knew your birthday.

You grew in strength, there was never a problem that concerned us.
You ate, you slept, you played, you rolled... all too soon!
You laughed at your brothers and smiled at your sister. 
Now you shriek with joy when you see them every morning!


You slept (and still sleep) by me all night.
(Well now you sleep sideways between me and Daddy.  You like to sprawl.)
I can honestly say I've enjoyed every night next to you,
my sweet girl.

It feels fast for me but I know it's your time.
You're growing, learning,
walking and talking all at your own pace.
I can't slow you down.  I don't want to.

I take moments slowly.
I sweep your hair as you nurse,
kiss your toes when we change your diaper.
I linger as you fall asleep,
smelling your sweet skin as your eyes flutter, not wanting to miss a second.


I pray that God keeps your mind and body safe and innocent.
That He blesses you with grace and wisdom to follow the road to heaven.
I kiss you again (sometimes I literally can't help myself),
and place you in your crib.

I miss you when you sleep for too long,
and I can't wait to get you to cuddle and nurse to sleep in my bed.
It's heavenly.  (Like your name.)
Sometimes your daytime naps are too short,
but I think it's because you just need some more time to play and learn.

You walk around the house, calling for your siblings.
They love you so much, you know, each in their own way.
Beth plays with you like a little Mommy,
Luke makes you laugh,
Jack cuddles you even when you want to play.

Daddy and I adore you.
Our hearts are so full!
Like an unexpected gift of a bouquet of beautiful roses,
You truly are our Rose of Heaven. 

We thank God for you, our sweet Rosie Posie!
Your life is sacred. 
God wanted you with us, and we wanted you here too!
You are such a gift!

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