Sunday, December 14

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas showed up this year with his usual treats of slippers, chocolate coins, and saint books.  He also brought initial ornaments for the kids and nutcracker toys for Beth, Luke, and Jack.  Poor Caeli didn't get any slippers- guess St. Nick couldn't find any for a baby!

St. Cuthbert.  Oh yes I did.


It was one of those perfect lazy mornings where everyone was sort of in their own world, doing their own thing for awhile after receiving their gifts.  I made cinnamon rolls and Beth made eggs, the boys played with their nutcrackers, and Ryan and Caeli played in the front room.  We enjoyed a feast in honor of St. Nicholas before we left to go pick our our Christmas tree!

We have a tradition of cutting down our own tree, but this year I convinced Ryan to purchase a pre-cut Frasier Fir.  We agree it's the most beautiful Christmas tree we've had, but for old time's sake  he wanted a picture of them pretending to cut down our chosen tree. ;-)


We dropped our tree off at home, ate a quick lunch, then drove in the opposite direction to meet St. Nick.  

We walked around the little shops for a bit, I picked up a Christmas present for Ryan (a coffee mug with a picture of a Boxer on it) and we went home to decorate the tree with lights.  I love the idea of not adding the lights until the feast of St. Lucia but... I just can't wait that long!  We added the ornaments on Gaudete Sunday!

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