Thursday, December 18

Christmas Card Outtakes

This year we rolled our own Advent candles using the beeswax candles from Illuminated Ink.  It seemed like such a lovely idea at the time... But do you notice those hands planted firmly on each of the candles?  Those have been "their" candles for all of Advent, and the arguing over whose is bigger was really just ridiculous.  Our priest mentioned (I think during the second week of Lent) that the candles actually have an order in which to be lit- the one across from the rose candle first, then move counter-clockwise around the wreath.  I had no idea!  He said this reminds us of the fact that we are mortal and will one day die; seems morbid during Advent but to me it's always a good reminder that this life isn't forever!  So I forgive the kids for fighting over the candles... Sigh...

At some point I we never had family photos taken this fall, and panicked that I wouldn't be able to send out nice Christmas cards!   I decided to take some pictures of the kids in the backyard one afternoon and God decided to have mercy on my poor tired mama soul because I took the best picture ever of my four babies:

My friend touched it up and voila!  We have a Christmas card photo!  As always, I bought my cards from my dear friend Bernadette.  If you like to shop on etsy, you should check her out!

I wasn't sure what I'd need for the card so I tried to take individual photos of the kids too.  I didn't need any for the card, so here are the "outtakes!"


Then I gave the camera to Beth and went inside for a few minutes. Here are a few she took:

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Andrea said...

Those individual pictures are darling. Beth's smile reminds me so much of Ryan! (And the pic of her hugging Findley....ahhhh melting!)

I'm glad you linked your friend's Etsy shop!

Also, I did not know about lighting the candles counter-clockwise either! Maybe it's because I'm a serious melancholic, but I like reminders that there will be death (in a non-morbid sort of way...?). With death comes new life - what hope.
Hope you're having a great Sunday, sweet friend.

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