Saturday, October 4

Park Day

 People say to me all the time, "I don't know how you do it!"  What I wish I could tell them is that I truly believe is that practically anyone can do it.  It's filled with sacrifice but look what else it's filled with! 

I could do anything if I had that little smile cheering me on!  And I do.  Every day!  Four faces worth of smiles.  Smiling and chatting and wondering and asking.  And occasionally it's loud.  And occasionally it's frustrating.  But that's not all it is, and when you remember these smiles and these happy days, gratitude swells in your heart so much that there's no room left for worry or doubt or anything else.  Only love.

And you occasionally forget about these moments.  You start to wonder if there will be enough money or enough time or enough sanity.  Or ask yourself if they're ever going to just grow up already!

But... you look back and realize... They do grow upThey have grown upThey still are growing up.  And it makes you sad that you wished those days away.

I know, for me, there were days when I had to just get by.  I've written about that before.  But, what a difference having older children makes.  And SLEEP.  What a difference sleep makes!

So if you worry that you "can't do it," then maybe you're just in a place right now.  I know that place.  I have been there!  I've been to several places, actually.  But mine grew up (and yours will too)- and we learn and hopefully we grow up a little bit too- and everything is the same, but suddenly you see it through different eyes.  Because it's not about the clean house and the play dates and looking good.  Those things are nice... But really, it's about this:

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