Thursday, October 23

Luke is Six!

Today is my Luke's sixth birthday.  I thought it would make me feel older, but somehow I missed that feeling this time around!  (Maybe I'm finally getting used to all of the birthdays?)  But, six does seem way older than five.  Five is pretty much an older four-year-old, but six... That's like going on 10.  Am I the only one who thinks that?!

I wanted to do a birthday interview with him today but my poor love was sick.  Yesterday he had a 102 degree fever in the evening, but it was gone by morning.  Classic Luke.  Several times a year he'll get a high-ish fever for only about 8 hours, then he's up and going again!  I'm not sure why his body works that way but I always feel confident he'll bounce back soon.  Today was no different- well, his fever was gone, but his voice got hoarser as the day progressed and I could tell by dinner time that he was wiped out.  So we fast-tracked through his special hamburger, beans, and salad dinner (his choice!), sang and ate brownies, and opened a few gifts.  This year we gave him a boat that he saw at a consignment store and just HAD to have- I stuck it in the closet for two weeks and gave it to him this morning. :-)

The boat was $40 at the store, and being in the crazed state I was in while shopping with the children, I didn't double-check the price on Amazon like I usually do.  I knew he'd be super happy with it and I thought $40 seemed like a good price for a birthday gift... Well, today I got curious and checked out the original price- $150!  Holy cow!  He and Jack played together with it for several hours.  I'd say it was worth it!  He also got a nice crucifix and a box of jacks from us.  And I think he was pretty excited about the $10 from his great-grandma too. :-)

We talked today about what he expects from the upcoming year.  He hopes to lose his first tooth- very important stuff for a 6-year-old, I think. He still wants to be a worker man when he grows up; he wants to operate the crane and build a bridge or a tall building.  I'm expecting him to grow another couple of shoe sizes and several inches... He'll probably be taller than me by the time he's seven! The boy is all legs, imagine that!  He's still so proud when people tell him that Caeli looks like him, and he's also proud when I tell him that certain things he does are like me or Daddy.  He's a hard worker and a great artist, I'm anticipating an engineering degree from Texas A&M!  He also told me he wants to marry me when he grows up. When I explained that I'm already married to Daddy, he said he wants to marry Caeli because she's so beautiful.  Such a sweet guy!

 Happy birthday buddy, Daddy and I love you!

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