Monday, August 4

Recalibrating Our Routine

I have been reading a lot of A Sabbath Mood Homeschool, and she wrote a blog post about recalibrating your morning routine that I have been thinking about.  I like our routine.  It works for us.  I really wish I could be a morning person, and maybe one day I will be, but right I can't make myself get up any earlier than 6:45.  But, if I actually stick to that, I should be able to get a few things done before the big kids come downstairs and we officially start our day- so that will be my first change! 

My goal will be to get dressed, make my bed and my latte, have morning prayer, and probably start a load of laundry all before serving breakfast to the olders.  As per our previous schedule, I like to start morning chores at 8 and work until about 8:45, with a 15 minute break before we start school at 9.  Getting the kids back into doing their morning chores is going to be a challenge.  We've all been "off" since Caeli has joined our family, and I can't function like that anymore!  I had a housekeeper on and off for awhile but at this time we've decided that it's not the right decision for our family, so I really need to utilize that 45 minute window in the morning to take care of cleaning!

We have lessons from 9-12, more or less, depending on the day.  I'm not sure how it's going to be this school year with a pre-toddler crawling around the school room!

We pray the Angelus and have lunch around 12, pick up after lunch, and have rest time from 1-2:30.  This means kids upstairs, mama downstairs, but I think now that they're getting older I might need to structure their rest time a bit more by offering them audiobooks or handicrafts to do on their own.  Sometimes the boys are lost in play, sometimes they're at each other's throats!

2:30-3 is snack and pre-dinner prep (I'm trying to get better about this too) and then I want afternoons to be reserved for handicrafts and nature and playtime.  I think this will be easier this year because Beth is becoming so capable of doing many things on her own!  She's learning how to follow recipes (she made banana bread today!) and I think she'll be able to use my sewing machine with just minimal help from me.  She always wants to be creating something so I have to come up with a lot!

We have a 15-minute pickup when Ryan is on his way home from work, dinner is usually between 5:30- 6, and the evenings are spent playing with Daddy!

Since our summer schedule has been a little wacky, I'm already starting to ease back into things so that it's not such a shock to our system come August 25.  Re-establishing morning chores has been the most difficult task so far but habit training happens slowly sometimes!  

I don't feel like summer is almost over because we don't have the mad back-to-school rush that I think a lot of families experience.  Easing back into our routine will help eliminate that feeling too, I think, because we will basically just have to add lessons into our day.  And Beth is already looking forward to starting school- I think she's been a little bored lately. :-(  I hope that means she'll be enthusiastic in three weeks!

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