Wednesday, August 27

Peace Out, Facebook

This week has been the start of our 2014-2015 school year!  We started on Monday and have been very punctual and diligent and have all (mostly) had good attitudes about the whole thing.  I've been waking up (thanks to a little one) around 6:30-6:45 and getting some things done before the kids come down for breakfast.  I really like the way it's all been flowing.  We even had a tea party yesterday with fresh-baked cookies and we worked on manners!  It's been a great 3 days so far!

I know it sounds a bit like a fairy tale, or maybe now's when I say BUT...  But I'm not going to. :-)  I am, however, going to own the fact that maybe I did something right for me.  I gave up Facebook!  Is it coincidence that I haven't snapped at the kids in 3 days?  Or have managed to accomplish keeping the sink empty WHILE homeschooling WHILE cooking WHILE entertaining a teething, clingy baby?  I know this isn't the effect on everyone, but sometimes for me it's been pretty obvious that Facebook= mean mommy.  So I just cut the cord.

Honestly, I do miss aspects, like my professional community or getting suggestions or referrals from certain groups of people.  I am worried that I'll lose touch with some people.  I've tried reaching out to friends via text and phone so I know what's going on.  It's funny to me that "texting" is sort of old-fashioned compared to Facebook messenger!  (Please, friends, don't lose touch!)

I've heard from lots of people who are teetering on the edge of giving it up.  I'd like to encourage you to just do it!  Give it a week.  No need to start a revolution here, but see if it positively impacts your life.  I think, for me at least, the benefits of giving it up outweigh the disappointment of missing out on certain things.

I did decide I won't deactivate my account, and I'll "check in" once a week on a Saturday.  I do get communication from clients this way and occasionally a friend will tag me in a photo that I want to see.  I know, it sounds like I'm making excuses... I guess I can see how that goes too!

I'll sign off this blog post with an unrelated but super-cute picture of Caeli riding in a grocery cart for the first time.  She totally loved it.

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