Monday, July 21

Waking Up from Naptime

First I sneak a  peek around the corner of my dresser and see this:

Oh good, she's waking up happy!

Not just happy, but really happy!

So I unswaddle her so she can have a good stretch.

She's ready to be picked up and cuddled now!

But first, she needs to stretch the legs too!

Everyone sounds so surprised when they hear I still swaddle Caeli.  She's only swaddled when she's in this little bed though, and as you can see she's about to outgrow it!  It's been so perfect and this has definitely been one of my favorite new things to have for her.  She sleeps here for naps and for the first part of bedtime.  After I go to bed, whenever she wakes up I just unswaddle her and pull her into bed with me!

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Anonymous said...

She's getting long!

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