Friday, June 6

Mommy and Son Date

Luke and I had a mommy- son date night with the other boys in his club.  It was hosted at a nice club house, and all of the boys spent time serving and honoring their mothers in different ways.  Luke served me my iced water and my dinner from the buffet (okay, I had to help a little bit!) and he also won a prize for me!  Several little games were played, and he was given second place for "Sweetest Love Note to Mom," where an older girl wrote for him while he dictated a note to me.  There was a little prize basket and he picked out a magnetic note pad and matching pen for me.  We had dinner, the boys played musical chairs, and we all danced before dessert.  We had to leave a little early- Luke was ready to go at about 10 pm!    He just LOVED our special time together, and I was so happy to spend that one-on-one time with him!

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