Tuesday, June 24

Jack is Four!

Jackson is four!

I call you my "baby" and you quickly correct me and tell me that you're a "big boy."  But as big as you think you are, you were my baby for 3.5 years, and in some ways you will always be my baby!

With you, I learned respect.  I learned how to respect your personal space and give you nothing but unconditional love.  I have been fiercely protective of you, and you never went through "terrible twos" or "trying threes," and I'd like to think that my respect for you helped us bypass those phases.  Or maybe you did go through them, but my approach to parenting you differently helped me realize that you're just a little guy in need of love and respect.  Whatever the case, you are such a unique boy with so much love and giggles to share.

As you turn four, you love to sing!  You get a song stuck in your head and you sing the same lyrics over and over and over again!  You declare almost daily that your favorite songs are "Hello My Name Is" and "Speak Life," then you sing them as quickly as you can!  Of course, you do as all little kids and mix up and change the words up quite a bit. :-)


You share a room with your brother now, and you spend some much time drawing with him and you emulate his every move.  You are so blessed to have a big brother and a big sister who dote on you and love you so much.  You guys are all so close, now that the three of you are grown up a bit I can really tell that y'all are buddies and will remain that way for life.

And of course, that little sister of yours.  You dote on her and spoil her with kisses!  Even when she's sleeping and I ask you to leave her alone, you can't help but steal kisses on her little toes.  You're going to be such a good big brother to her!

You love your pets and you steal and eat green tomatoes off our tomato plants.  You always want to "do school" when Beth is learning and I think you're going to be reading early too.  But you're left-handed, and I'm having a heck of a time teaching you how to write!  But you're just sort of figuring it out on your own, which is fine with me!


I asked you some questions today, and here are your answers:

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Max and Ruby
Favorite Game: Farmer (you play this with wood blocks, little people, and tractors with Luke)
Favorite Game with Daddy: Forest Monster (Daddy chases you around and you squeal with joy!)
Favorite Outside Game: Baby (Beth is the Mommy, Luke is the Daddy, and you're the Baby!)
Favorite Friends: Sydney and Andrew
Favorite Place to Go: B.J.s (out to eat!)
Favorite Book to Read: Billy and Blaze (though I think you equally love Fancy Nancy!)
 Favorite Meal that Mommy Cooks: Pizza
What do you want for your birthday: A scooter

You are such a joy to me!  Your birth was such a pleasure (no, really- it was.  Nearly painless!) and you changed my life for the better.  I love you!

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