Friday, June 6

An Early Summer Harvest

Our garden has grown wonderfully this year!  We've had a great harvest of lettuces and spinach and radishes, and this week it was time to pull up the carrots and onions.  Well, to be honest, I'm not positive it was "time" yet.  The ones we pulled up to test seemed good enough, and the tops didn't seem to be growing any higher- in fact, they started slumping over after a hard rain and never recovered.  We decided to go ahead and pull them up.

I let Beth, Luke, and Jack do all of the work.  Why not?  They loved it!  Every time they pulled out a huge one they'd celebrate!

There were a lot of tiny ones, but that's probably my fault for scattering the seeds and not thinning them out instead of carefully planting them.  I hate thinning out seedlings.  It seems like murder, lol.

This was my first year to do onions, and I think I did something wrong. I guess I didn't plan them deep enough, because they all formed on top of the dirt, and they didn't get very big.  But these also started to slump over and dry up, despite never flowering.  Maybe they didn't get enough sun?  (The carrot tops got pretty tall right next to them, maybe they blocked the sun?)  I will have to figure that out for next year.  Since the onions were pretty small, I dried and kept them, but I'm primarily using them in something like a pot roast where a whole but tiny onion is perfectly delicious. 

After harvesting all of the carrots, they pulled off the green tops (which we saved for the rabbits), and then Beth washed all of them.  I'd like to say that we froze some for later use, but honestly the kids ate all of them within a week.  They snacked on carrots all day!  I'm surprised none of them turned orange!

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Anonymous said...

That garden is one of the coolest things you guys do! Very educational and Earthy...

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