Monday, May 5

So Long, Soccer Season!

Another long but fun semester of soccer has drawn to a close.  It's been awesome watching Luke and Beth turn into some really amazing soccer players- some of the best kids out there in my opinion!  Just over the past few weeks Luke has really started to own the game, I think in part to some daily practice out in the backyard with Beth and Ryan.  He absolutely adores it and loves having Ryan for his coach.

I finally got a picture of the "peanut gallery," hehehe.  The grandparents are faithful attendants of our Saturday morning soccer games and are such a big help with Jack- who wants so desperately to play soccer!  I splurged on a plastic-lined picnic blanket because carrying 4+ chairs out to each game was getting very cumbersome, and I knew Caeli would be wanting to roll around and eventually crawl at the games.  Next fall we need to find a nice big umbrella (or some other shading device) and probably a wagon of some sort.  I give up!  I accept this soccer mom life so just give me my minivan and all the soccer mom trappings and make this easy on me!  

Unfortunately I forgot my camera on Beth's last game day, which was the week before Luke's last game.  That day her coach took some time to say some nice things about each player, and about Beth he said, "she's very very assertive, she always goes for the ball and always gets the ball first before anybody."  Because that girl is FAST!  I think maybe next fall her team will start playing positions, and I'm excited to see her develop as a little soccer player.  She's built for speed and I think that will greatly help her game!

After Luke's last game we went to Red Mango for a frozen yogurt treat!  Great grandma sent some money for Easter and said we could kick off summer with ice cream- this is the best we could do! :-)

I have to admit, that as much as I love watching them play, I am sincerely looking forward to having our Saturdays back!

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Anonymous said...

You're right about Bethy, that girl is lightning fast!

Like a little gazelle...

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