Friday, May 30

End of our School Year


Last day of 1st grade!
First grade is officially over! Comparing this picture with the one I took at the beginning of first grade, I can tell Beth has blossomed quite a bit this school year.  She has gotten taller and her hair has grown (but she's wearing the same shirt in both this picture and the first day of school picture!).

She told me her favorite subject was math, because she learned how to do calculations faster.  Her reading fluency has really improved, she went from a first grade to a fourth grade reading level (according to the little online tests, are those even accurate?).  She still loves reading bible stories and drawing and coloring pictures of what we've read, and as of last week she wants to be an author and illustrator when she grows up!
Science reading

She really enjoyed our co-op, her favorite part was meeting new friends, bible history, and US geography.  She thoroughly impressed all of her teachers at co-op.  During both semesters, they would come up to me to tell me little stories about how smart and sweet she was. One teacher told me about how Beth kept raising her hand to answer questions, but then stopped raising her hand.  After class, Beth told the teacher that she stopped raising her hand to give the other kids a chance to answer questions!  Another one told me about how Beth politely corrected her when she said something wrong about one of the bible prophets.  And everyone was always impressed with her manners, although I heard that she goofed off a little bit with a couple of other girls in her class. ;-)

Friends from co-op
 Luke and Jack loved co-op too!  It was SO good for them.  It was really good for all of us, actually.  :-) Their class was mostly boys and it was just the perfect atmosphere for Luke.  Their teacher was so sweet and amazing, and Luke also matured so much.  His writing and drawing has grown by leaps and bounds, and I think once he's ready he is going to take off reading.   He's super excited about kindergarten next year (he keeps reminding us that HE will be in kindergarten and NOT Jack) and is looking forward to seeing his friend Sam at co-op again!

I am making myself wait until July to start planning for the fall.  I just want to get past a few upcoming events before I delve into planning again!  I'll do another back-to-school post in the fall!

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