Monday, May 12

4 Months Old!

I forgot to post this on Caeli's 4-month birthday!  Oops!

Stop growing, baby girl!  I love you to pieces but this is all going to fast.  I saw a newborn the other day and it made me realize that you absolutely not a newborn anymore.  I'll go with "baby..."  Are you even an infant anymore?  You already have such a bright personality!  Your smiles make your Daddy and I just melt!  You are just the perfect baby.  You let me know exactly what you need, when you need it, and then you're happy and content again.  I just can't believe how wonderful and easy this all is. 

When Daddy is holding you, he spikes up your long mohawk hair to look like a unicorn.  Even during mass.

When I hold you, you reach for my hair or necklace, or even my cup.  Anything you can get your hands on goes immediately to your mouth! 

You are desperately trying to roll over.  And you're so close!  But stop already- you're too little to be doing this!

You suck your middle and ring finger.  I call it "I love you" and some of the mean people out their call it "hook 'em."  But you were born an Aggie and an Aggie you shall remain.  Let's try to suck on two different fingers though, shall we?!

You're in size 6 month clothes and I'm having to change you over to bigger cloth diapers because the size small are too short in the rise.  I think this week I might pull out our bumbo to see if you're ready to sit in it!

I think my favorite "milestone" of yours right now is that every time I put you down on your back, you immediately grab your toes!  I love this!  I loved it with all of your siblings and I love it now!

I know it's cliche but I still just can't find any better way to say it: time is flying by too fast.  I wish I could bottle up the feelings I get when I look at your smile and keep it forever.  I love you my sweet girl!

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Anonymous said...

Looks just like you!

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