Tuesday, April 8

Planning Ahead

Am I the only homeschooler with next fall on my mind already?!   Pretty catalogs are arriving in the mail, we are preparing for next year at our co-op, and I'm already thinking about how I'm going to formally school TWO kids!

 I will admit.  I've had a day planner since 2000, when I graduated high school and got a summer job at The Container Store.  I used their August to August day planner for 12 years, and every June I would look forward to my annual trip to pick one up in a new color.  That's the sort of stuff I get giddy about, y'all.  Finally last year I pulled myself away and purchased The Catholic Daily Planner from Michele Quiqley (who has also written the curriculum I use).  This gave me a little more space, a calendar/day planner with my lesson plans for Beth in the back.  It's been fabulous and I think I will purchase another one soon... So I can start planning our 2014-2015 school year. ;-)

I do love having my history written down in my day planners.  I wrote down everything- classes and dates, trips and interviews, wedding planning, babies, doctor appointments and playdates.  I can see the progression of my life.  And you know things were written in color-coded ink!

The Restore workshop I am "attending" right now addresses our day planners, and how as busy moms it's important that we not let it rule or dictate our lives.  I am not sure that I've had that problem before (though I can certainly see how one might), but I am a list-maker and I do feel a certain obligation to check items off.  And I can't cheat and write down things like "wake up" "eat breakfast" or "breathe."  That's just not me. ;-) Right now we are in maintenance mode, and I'm really not getting ahead at all.  I do feel such accomplishment from checking items off my lists, rewriting the lists, and throwing the old ones away.  Because to me, it means I'm getting something done. 

They have mentioned the importance of writing down goals, and that used to be something I was really good at.  In fact, Ryan and I used to write out a yearly plan, mapping out the vacations, parties, birthdays, holidays, and other events or goals through our year.  We haven't done that lately, but it's something I would like to get back to.  I like to plan ahead, as you can see!

I feel lucky to have a friend who is just as crazy as I am in all of this, so I know I'm not totally alone!  But- are we the only ones???


Andrea said...

I am totally already planning! I have 2 out of 4 girls planned for for next school year! I love being ahead!

mama schmerb said...

You are your father's daughter. :)

mama schmerb II said...

ps......although, I did go buy Michelle's daily planner, because it is visually beautiful, and comforting. I think that is what has been missing from all the other planners I've 'tried' to use. Makes me think of noble things <3

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