Thursday, April 24

Our Holy Week and Easter

Last week was Holy Week.  I usually am pretty good about being "that" mom and having fun, meaningful, memorable activities that are related to the Liturgical calendar, but not this year.  We spent time all week reading from our children's bible about the different things that happened each day, and on Thursday we had took turns washing each other's feet.  This was very meaningful for the kids, and I have to say it was pretty beautiful and humbling for me to look down and see Jack washing my feet (we had drawn names out of a jar).  I can't describe it... I know he was just having fun but a part of me felt like he was truly serving me.  I think we will do this every year since it was so easy!

Beth and Ryan went to Holy Thursday mass together and got back at nearly 10 pm that night.  I should have taken a picture of sleepy Beth walking in from mass. ;-)  I missed it again this year but next year I think we'll be able to pull it off with the whole family! 

We spent time on Good Friday reading the passion and attending the service at our parish as a family.  Ryan and I watched The Passion of the Christ on the evening of Good Friday, as we usually try to do. 

Saturday was supposed to be a fun crawfish boil, but we got some bad information from the store about not needing to reserve our crawfish, so it turned into a shrimp boil with some friends!  We are going to have to try crawfish again soon- Ryan has had a big pot for several years now and we haven't used it yet!

Then finally came Sunday- Easter!- Alleluia!

We squeezed in to the front row at mass- which we often do- but Sunday was my very first time to wear a chapel veil to mass.   It had been something on my heart for several months, and after special prayer, reading about this devotion, and discussions with several friends, I felt like our Lord was asking me to take this step for Him.  I have always felt a special devotion to our Lord in the Holy Eucharist- even as a high school student I just knew.  I believed.  I should probably write an entirely separate blog post about it (I probably will!) but it was important to me, with the support of Ryan, that I cover my head during mass.  So I did- and I felt a little self-conscious (I think it was sideways half the time!), but it was definitely the right thing for me to do!


Easter morning at home was quite a celebration!  At the last minute, I decided to make homemade cinnamon rolls- and I realized I'm not sure our kids had ever had cinnamon rolls before!  They are cinnamon fanatics, so of course they loved them!  Ryan and I had mimosas while we cooked a yummy brunch.

The kids had seen their Easter baskets before we left for mass, but finally they had the chance to "open" them.  Mini Dover coloring books for the boys and an Old Testament sticker book for Beth, new animal finger puppets, glow in the dark stars for their bedroom ceilings, and pewter saint figurines.  And of course, candy!

Beth introduced the new animal friends to the old friends.  I think we have 10 now- probably enough to recreate Aesop's Fables, Peter Rabbit stories, or the Burgess Animal book.  Or make our own stories!  I love these Folkmanis finger puppets, they're so well-made and so cute!


The boys got busy working on their books- an alphabet coloring book for Jack and a hidden picture book for Luke.  Oh- and new pencils!  Because pencils disappear around here into the same dark hole that eats socks and Trio blocks!

I had to take a selfie with my love, my hard-working kitchen chef and kid-entertainer extraordinaire.  Because he's awesome and I'm so blessed to be his wife. 

This was Caeli's first holiday, since she decided she didn't want to participate in Christmas last year. ;-)  She wore a $3 white organic cotton dress I picked up at a consignment sale, and a headband that coordinated with her big sister's skirt.  I really wanted to have her dressed in teal to match the others but I didn't manage to get out and shop much!  I ordered the boy's ties and Beth's skirt from a company that makes coordinating clothes.  The boys shirts were from Target and they matched perfectly!

Gaaahhhh they're all so cute!!!

The Easter celebration continues around here because Easter is a season!  We have the house decorated with fresh tulips and gladiolas, we continue to feast, and we look forward to celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday and the canonization of John Paul the Great!  (Did you know I saw him, inches away, in Rome in 1998?)  

Happy Easter!

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