Thursday, March 20

Spring at Last!

Today is the first day of spring!!!  I can't tell you how excited we are- well, how excited *I* am!  This winter has been so nasty- dreary, cloudy, cold, and wet.  We've had several occasions that snow was foretasted and temperatures were freezing.  We planted our vegetable garden and it froze a couple of weeks later!  Luckily our little seedlings were strong enough to survive- we lost only two tomato plants.  I think I can finally say we're past the cold weather though.  I expect spring to wet like it usually is, but hopefully we will have more sunny days than not.

A couple of days ago we took the opportunity to get outside at a local state park.  The kids wore their boots and I wore my sunglasses. :-)  Happy spring!

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Anonymous said...

We need a picture of Caeli with sunglasses on!

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