Saturday, February 15

Valentine's Day

The suspense has been building up for weeks around here!  Our previous years of Valentine's Day celebrations have been so memorable that they could hardly wait for chocolate chips in their oatmeal, valentine exchange with their friends, and dinner at PF Changs!  We had a beautiful day at the park for the exchange.  Of course they were most excited about the candy... We don't do a lot of candy around here but I do let them indulge (dare I say gorge?) themselves on a few holidays, Valentine's Day being one of them.  I do exchange their lollipops for my gluten-free, dye-free, "healthy" ones (which, in my opinion, tastes better than a regular lollipop!), but they don't seem to mind!

After our morning at the park, we came home for a couple of hours before going out to dinner.  I love our family date night, we still all get dressed up and go all-out... We valet the car, Ryan and I order drinks, we all share an appetizer, we give the kids homemade Valentine's Day cards, and we take them to ride on a carousel.  It's pretty much their idea of a perfect afternoon!  No wonder they look forward to this day every year!


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Anonymous said...

The best part is Caeli's little foot sticking out!

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