Thursday, February 20

Six Weeks Old

At six weeks old, this baby has stolen all of our hearts!

I know I keep saying it, but time is flying by.  I've come to realize, after everyone has been saying it to me for weeks and weeks, that she looks like Luke.  At first I didn't see it- at first I think she looked more like Jack and Beth! But as she's gotten older she favors Luke.  And OH is he SO proud of that!  He loves hearing people say she looks like him, I think it makes him feel some sort of big brother ownership of her.  I love seeing the softer side of him when he's around her! 

She still does not like her car seat, even though I've calmly explained to her that screaming won't get her out any sooner!  It breaks my heart, but at least I know- now that she's older- that she's not in pain, just extremely displeased.  My poor love.  We cuddle and give lots of kisses when we get to our destination.

She's sleeping well at night and her naps are pretty predictable during the day, but staying asleep is a problem!  It's hard to stay asleep with three big siblings in the next room having so much (loud) fun!  On the whole I certainly can't complain.  We have great days, good days, and not-so-good days occasionally, but at least I am sleeping at night! 

She smiles all the time at anyone willing to talk to her, and she captivates me.  I can't wait to hear her laugh- although I have a feeling that next milestone is just around the corner.  Okay, I CAN wait... I wish she'd stay little like this forever.  Why do babies have to grow up???

Here she is, laying on her blanket made by her great-grandma, which arrived today!  Thank you Grandma!

My babies.  I can't get over the noise and energy in our home right now... It's a lot some days, I'm not going to lie!  But I keep hearing that the days are long but the years are short, so I'm really trying to take that to heart.  It's so true for me.  Just looking at my old blog posts, at each of the other kids when they were babies.  They were so sweet and tiny and...quiet, compared to now. ;-) 

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Anonymous said...

Stephie, you are right... she does kind of look like Luke. More accurately, however, she looks like YOU!

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