Saturday, October 26

Luke's Birthday Party

We threw Luke a "big" party this year for big #5 and celebrated his birthday with his friends.  It was a "Knights and Dragons" theme, and everyone dressed up!  We played with balloon swords in the backyard, ate a dragon cake, decorated "goblets," and each friend got their own cape or tiara to wear!  Daddy gave "rides" and pulled Luke and his friends around in the wagon in the backyard.  That might have been his favorite part of the day. I was so happy to have beautiful weather, a dry backyard, and a happy crew of kiddos!

Upon arriving, guests received a cape or tiara.  The balloon swords were for later!
Art provided by Beth
Dollar store "goblets" decorated with stick-on jewels, fit for a king (or a knight)

We served a dragon cake and some punch; it was a simple afternoon party!  More art provided by Beth and some our of favorite knight books set out for decor.
The dragon cake.

Princess Beth

The whole crew!  Some of the older girls were too "old" to dress up but most of the boys enjoyed the capes and other items from our dress-up box!  This was before the sword fight, which was FUN but didn't last too long because they popped pretty quickly!  Luckily Ryan and I got pretty good at blowing them up and tying them quickly, so we kept replenishing swords until we were out of balloons.  I chose this instead of making and sending home real wooden swords because I know not all moms appreciate wood swords in their homes!

Having so much fun!  He was the only one with a crown on!

Ryan dragged kids around in the wagon- they had a BLAST.  Ryan was very tired afterward though! :-)

After his friends left, we opened toys and the boys got to playing.  Beth and Ryan opened up a gift of Lincoln Logs on the floor while Luke and Jack played with the knights!

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